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Testimonials: Testimonials
Daniel Berndt.jfif

Daniel Berndt
EH&S Coordinator II
Texas A&M International University

I’ve had the pleasure of listening to countless high caliber presenters across the country speak on a
variety of topics including public health, the weather, and emergency management. However, none
compared to Mark Fabian speaking to and eloquently engaging with the US Department of Homeland
Security, Science and Technology Directorate in Washington DC with the goal of acquiring research
funds to support a startup nonprofit company. I’ve never seen such high-ranking officials express such
interest and engagement with a new subject at the time. In fact, this was not a unique instance; Mark
has a way of interesting you with a subject, making it relevant to you, while also selling you on the
concept, leaving you with the desire for more.

In my experience, Mark isn’t just a quality speaker, but also a thoughtful and intentional educator. He knows his
audience and knows exactly how to develop a connection while instilling a feeling of empowerment to
take action in your personal or professional environment.

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