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For you, what does safety really look like?

The concept of safety can be very different for different people and personality types.  So instead let us focus on what safety means for YOU both at work and in your personal / family life.

What steps do you take every day?  What are you paying attention to as you start your day? As you head into work? While you are at work? How about while you are on your way home after along day maybe a double shift? For each of us the concept of safety can change day to day or even minute by minute in some circumstances. 

What types of safety are there to consider? What do I really need to pay attention to?  What is considered normal and what is considered either a threat or an anomaly?

These and many more questions are covered in our presentations, consultations, and site specific physical security evaluations.


1. What is it that I am not seeing or perceiving?

2. What have I become comfortably numb to in my day to day life? 

3. What is Denial?

4. What is Normalcy Bias

5. What is the "Baseline" for any given location or situation?

6. What if any anomalies am I seeing?

7. Am I really getting all of the information available from a given situation?

8. Do I have enough information to make sound judgements or decisions?

9. Am I physically prepared to deal with what may happen?

10. Am I emotionally prepared to deal with what may happen?

These are just a good starting point for this discussion.

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