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Dedicated to Protecting the Innocent & Defenseless

The Fabian Group was founded to bring to companies and individuals some very unique skills.  See, it is no longer good enough to go through life oblivious to what goes on around us.  It is no longer okay to allow our FEARS to control us.  And the truth is that Happiness is not a feeling.  Instead it is a conscious choice or even an intentional state of being.

Beyond that, it does not matter how good a person you are, the truth is that tragic and terrible things can happen to you or those you love.  Often these events happen suddenly with very little warning.  We are here to help you to be more prepared to deal with these events.

The Fabian Group also continues to strive to bring some of the most unique and engaging speakers and trainers to our clients.  Individuals with various life experiences and passions.  One voice is never enough in this arena.  Over the next several months and years, we will expand these voices to not only meet your needs, but also allow us to help more people.

Unfortunately, the world is always in a state of flux. Whether it is politics here at home or regional conflict abroad, things are changing. In this time of flux, it is no longer good enough to stop our planning or training at our reaction to violence.

A more proactive mindset must be fostered to keep our communities and organizations safe in the modern age.

Technology has been very helpful in making our lives more comfortable but has also made the world a much smaller place. Events can move from global to local in a matter of hours, sometimes out pacing an organization’s ability to respond. This is why everyone should be an active participant in their own security.  When seconds count help is almost always minutes away.

“Never trust anyone else with your safety or well-being.”  You must be prepared to be your own First-Responder.

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